Gender: Male
Race: Lego Human
  • Wizard
Hometown: Unknown

Vitruvius is the tritagonist in both The Lego Movie and Fanfic created by 2091riveraisrael known as Lego 2 Runification. He is best known for leading the Fellowship of Strangers into stopping the Kragle Incident, before losing his own life as well.

Despite being deceased, Vitruvius still remained as a Ghost in order to help guide Emmet and the Fellowship of Strangers, after Wyldstyle is tragically effected by Clay turning her into a clay Wolf. His spirit stated that once the Clay menace was removed and disposed of, it would finally be at peace in the afterlife.

He is voiced by Morgan Freeman.


The Kragle IncidentEdit

In the beginning of the film, he guards "the Kragle" from Lord Business, but failed and was blinded by Lord Business's laser. He warns Lord Business of "the Special". . Later, he was hiding in The Old West as a piano player, and soon guided Emmet, Wyldstyle and Batman to Cloud Cuckoo Land, where they met UniKitty and Benny. After the place was destroyed by Bad Cop and his forces, in a failed Invasion to snatch Emmet and the Piece of Resistance, the gang was rescued by MetalBeard and soon operated a plan to infiltrate the Octan Tower.

Later on, Vitruvius was decapitated by Lord Business with a penny. In his last dying words, he tells Emmet the prophecy is made up and dies before he can finish talking. Vitruvius returns as a ghost to tell Emmet, while strapped on a battery, that anything is possible as long as he believes.

Later on, after Emmet saves the universe, the Master Builders, including Ghost Vitruvius, celebrate Emmet's victory and then Ghost Vitruvius says, "I like Emmet before it was cool."