Gender: Female
Artwork By: joshuadraws
Race: Unicorn Cat
  • Princess and Ruler of Cloud Cuckoo Land
Hometown: Cloud Cuckoo Land / Unikingdom

Unikitty (also called Princess Unikitty) is a major character in the The LEGO Movie. She lives in Cloud Cuckoo Land, until her home was destroyed during the Kragle Incident, where she became a member of Emmet's team, aiding the Fellowship of Strangers in ending the Kragle Incident. Her relationship with Emmet Brickoswki became reinforced after her once destroyed home was reconstructed in the 5 days following the end of the Kragle Incident.

During Lego 2 Reunification, Unikitty befrieinds a human boy named Lawrence Sage, where she develops a slight crush and motherly personality towards the child, she mostly remained neutral during the Lego CLay War, but was still known to aide the formar Fellowship of Strangers, and protect Lawrence Sage during the events, event allowing her home to become a base to the remnants of the battered Super Secret Police forces, despite Cloud Cuckoo Land's capacity.

During the temporary SSP Occupation of her home, Unikitty became more stern with Lawrence Sage, due to the fact of the war now at her front door, causing a small rift between the two. Lawrence eventually ran away from Cloud Cuckoo Land and stowed away on a SSPDS, only for it to be shot down by a Clay Fighter in clayfied Middle Zealand. Unikitty and Bad Cop ventured out of Cloud Cuckoo Land with a small SSP unit and rescued Lawrence before he could be taken by Clay monsters.

Enraged at Lawrence's cruel and almost near death decision making, the young Princess like a typical angry mother forced the 12 year old into the Dog Temple of Cloud Cuckoo Land, where he would remain with her from that moment forward, further causing her relationship with Lawrence Sage to become even more rocky.

Unikitty at this point was slowly beginning to take an interest in Bad Cop as the occupation of Cloud Cuckoo Land reached its third day, and the two began to interact more often on Uni Point.