The Unikingdom is the main location of Unikitty!. It is the kingdom that Princess Unikitty rules. Despite Cloud Cuckoo Land's reconstruction in 2014, Unikitty chose to relocate to Unikingdom, about 5 years later in 2018, in order to try and be more close to her friends, and be more onto the ground in order for Lawrence's safety.


The Unikingdom is a bright and cheerful location, just like its ruler. It has lush green hills, various shops, and locations fitting the needs of its inhabitants. Unikitty's castle overlooks the kingdom. It is a neighboring town of Frowntown and also seems to be at a travelable distance to the North Pole.


  • The Unikingdom somewhat resembles Cloud Cuckoo Land from The LEGO Movie.
  • The name is a portmanteau of Unikitty and ‘kingdom’.
  • It is unclear why Unikitty chose to relocate to the ground, as Cloud Cuckoo Land was said to have survived the Lego-Clay War, but it is mostly possible, that Unikitty couldn't take the pain of losing her old home the first time, to the point that she thought it was best to move on, even when Cloud Cuckoo Land was activated again, it may also be possible that she chose to relocate due to the safety of Lawrence Sage, who was mostly responsible for conducting dangerous stunts on Cloud Cuckoo Land during the time of the war...