The Warp Incident was a major event that took place in 2014 before the events of the Lego clay warm he incident involved after Lily Sage stole her father's magical kit and forced Lawrence Sage to shrink into the size of a toy the prank backfired in which Lawrence himself ended up in the world of Lego you do the magical backfiring and teleporting him into the Cloud Cuckoo Land.

At first in 2014 Lawrence's major goal was to return back to his old round but his mind changed when the war occurred he's since then decide to remain in the Lego Universe which by then began to change him completely he then your friend at unikitty during the events before the war and took up residence in Cloud Cuckoo Land even after the war Lawrence still continues to return to the Lego Universe.


  • The warp incident was known to be the best incident to ever occur to Lord Sage as he was known to have befriended Unikitty at the time of this event even before the Lego clay War...