Siege of Cloud Cuckoo Land
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Conflict: Lego Clay War
Date: August 8th, 2014 - August 28th, 2014
Status: Strategic SSP Victory...
  • SSP manage to reclaim parts of Middle Zealand...
  • Interior Motive found about the Clay Menace...
  • Clay Menace begin fortifying Bricksburg...
  • Lawrence and Emmett are captured by Clay Menace...
Region: Cloud Cuckoo Land, Over the Brick Ocean
Created By: 209riveraisrael

The Siege of Cloud CUckoo Land commonly referred to as The Final Stand on Cloud Cuckoo Land was a major key engagement in the Lego clay War the Battle of Cloud Cuckoo Land resulted in the Final Stand of the Lego beings against the clay Invasion.

The engagement lasted for over 21 days and eventually ended in a Lego Victory following Lawrence ages is discovery of a Lego special type of weapon constructed in Middle Zealand which resulted in a clay weakness after the weapons activation the clay menace in Middle Zealand were eventually destroyed allowing the Lego Beings of Cloud Cuckoo Land to counter-attack and eventually claimed most of its Lego verse back again.

During the post events Cloud Cuckoo and was eventually left in Ruins, along with some platforms coated in clay, but the kingdom was eventually shown and even mentioned by Emmett himself that it was not in the destroyed and deteriorated state like it was during the Kragle crisis months prior.

The city was eventually able to reconstruct itself after the war where eventually continue to operate even as far into the sage crisis that would occur 5 years later.

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