MetalBeard is a robot pirate and master builder in The LEGO Movie. He is voiced by Nick Offerman.


MetalBeard and his crew once tried to infiltrate the Octan Tower. However they had tight security and MetalBeard was the only one who made it out with only his head and organs. He initially abandons Emmet and company, dubbing their efforts as a "lost cause", but later returns when he sees Lord Business' forces overlook them due to Emmet's Double-Decker Couch creation. He states that they need more dumb ideas like Emmet's.


  • He mentions that the first rule of the sea is "Never place your rear end on a pirate's face". The other rules are as follows: Always abandon a lost cause, Never wear a dress on a Tuesday, Never put ye hand in a clam's mouths, Jolly Rogers are not for eating, and Never release a kraken.
  • He is voiced by Roger L. Jackson in The LEGO Movie Videogame.
  • He can transform into a photocopier, despite being much larger than one.