President Business
Gender: Male
Allies: Unknown
Race: Lego Human
  • CEO of Octan and President of the Lego World
Hometown: Unknown (Possibly Bricksburg)

President Business also known as Lord Business is the main antagonist in The LEGO Movie, who was most likley responsible for the Kragle Incident, and destruction of Cloud Cuckoo Land, he was later turned into a Protagonist after convincing by Emmet, where he later realized that Imagination is the key to every ones creation and friendship is also the main powerful substance in which fuels imagination.

He than takes part in the Lego Universes defense, while using Octan Tower, as a Fortress when the Clay Invasion began, altough Lego was able to repel the Invasion, Octan Tower was destroyed in the impact, and Lord Business was forced to relocate to Bricksburg.

He is voiced by Will Ferrell who also portrays "The Man Upstairs" in the film.