The Clay Menace was a major antagonist faction that was created and developed from the clay material and collections used and owned by Lily Sage.

The Clay Menace is mostly responsible for the war that occurred in the Lego Universe that lasted up to at least 7 months the war of 2014 commonly known as the lego clay war almost resulted in the destruction and near extinction of the Lego verse had it not been for a change of events that occurred at Cloud Cuckoo Land in September of the same year.

The Clay Menace eventually was defeated completely to the point of their near destruction When the war entered the reality realm, starting at Lawrence's Bedroom and eventually spreading across the hall all the way inside of Lily Sage's bedroom.

In the aftermath of the war only small remnants of the Menace remains in the Lego verse but these versions of resistance or easily swept out and destroyed by the super secret police by the end of 2014 in the end all traces of Lily stages clay Menace were destroyed from the Lego verse by December 4th of 2014.

though completely defeated the claim in its would return one last time only as a rogue faction and Remnant force that will eventually be known as Grim clay which would eventually be responsible for a disaster that would occur 5 years later in 2018.


Skills & TacticsEdit