The Brick Ocean is an ocean that's located right on the coast of middle Zealand and dirt Cloud Cuckoo Land. The oceans mostly no Tauruses for where Cloud Cuckoo Land landed during its destruction in the events of the Kragle crisis.

Zone holding no strategic value the ocean might also be a main role when it comes to the events of the Lego clay War as it was constantly used by the super secret police in order to deploy forces from Cloud Cuckoo Land during the siege of the cloud Kingdom from August to September in that same year of 2014 and ordered was salt clay occupied or clay coated middle Zealand.

the ocean is also mentioned by Unikitty in the vents of the crackle crisis where many unhappy beings are possibly dropped maintaining that those who don't behave in Cloud Cuckoo Land maybe banished and dropped into the sea below all those this was never confirmed.